The ConforMIS iTotal Implant Is Designed to Fit Your Anatomy. 

Personalized implants offer unique advantages versus traditional knee replacement. Because each ConforMIS implant is designed specifically for you, the implants have articulating surfaces that better match your joint’s natural shape. Because your ConforMIS implant is designed to fit only your knee, sizing compromises common with traditional implants are eliminated, allowing the surgeon to preserve as much of your bone as possible. Ultimately the iFit knee replacements are capable of reducing the amount of bone removed by up to 25% and potentially cutting recovery time in half.

The iTotal implant is appropriate for patients of any age whose conditions cannot be solely addressed by the use of an implant designed to treat only one or two of the three knee compartments.


The benefits include:

  • Designed for each individual based on your anatomy
  • Customized fit and alignment avoids sizing compromises common with traditional off-the- shelf implants
  • Designed to follow the shape and contour of each patient’s knee to help restore natural kinematics
  • Designed for optimal bone preservation
  • Cost is similar to standard total knee and covered by many major insurance companies